NSF IUCRC Center for Big Learning (CBL) is under the auspices of the Industry-University Cooperative Research Center Program of National Science Foundation. With the vision of creating intelligence and leveraging collective wisdom from academia, industry, and governments, the CBL consortium focuses on large-scale deep learning (DL), intelligent platforms, and DL-enabled big data applications in a broad spectrum of disciplines. CBL consists of four academic sites across the country and a large number (50+) of industry partners: University of Florida (UF, South), Carnegie Mellon University (CMU, East), University of Missouri at Kansas City (UMKC, Central), and University of Oregon (UO, West). Faculty members (60+) at these four sites have comprehensive expertise, covering key research themes and application disciplines. The consortium is sponsored by NSF and industry members over the world.

The Vision

Creating intelligence towards intelligence-powered society.

The Mission

The mission of CBL is to perform pioneering research and development in powerful deep learning algorithms, efficient intelligent systems, and novel applications through unified and coordinated efforts in the CBL consortium. The CBL research team at the UO includes experts in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, high-performance computing, health informatics, and bioinformatics. They will explore research projects related to medical record analysis, health behavior prediction, natural language processing, performance optimization, financial forecasting, and computer vision by deploying various deep learning models.

CBL is expected to have broad transformative impacts in computational technologies, education, and society. Through pioneering research and applications to address a broad spectrum of real-world challenges, CBL will make significant contributions and impacts to the deep learning community. The discoveries from CBL will amplify opportunities for new products and services of industry in general, while delivering key techniques to CBL industry partners in particular. As the nexus of deep learning research and applications, CBL offers an ideal platform to nurture next-generation talents through world-class mentors from both academia and industry, disseminate the cutting-edge technologies, and facilitate industry/university collaborative research.

The center’s repository is hosted at http://nsfcbl.org. The data, code, and documents will be organized and maintained on the CBL server for the duration of the center plus five years. The internal code repository will be hosted at GitLab. After the software packages are well documented and tested, they will be released and hosted at popular public servers, such as GitHub and Bitbucket.

CBL Organization